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Acts of Kindness: Share Your’s!





Please share with AVRUM’S BLOG and its readers an act of kindness that you have been responsible for or a recipient of. I will share one with you:

1. A friend of mine who works with a small non-profit organization, realized it (the non-profit) was suffering because of a slow economy.  He was responsible for checking the mail everyday. One day he discovered three cheques had come in. He decided he would make the director happier by giving him one cheque a day over a three day period. I thought that was very beautiful.

2.  A couple of days  ago I went into a local consignment shop with my daughters.  The sales clerk was very friendly and was commenting on how cute my daughters were.  She told me that she recently lost her 30 year old son who was her only child to a brain tumor.  She spoke about how hard it was to get up every morning, but felt better at work as she would just be miserable at home.  She has been in my thoughts for days.  Today I mailed her a card with a small note in it, telling her that her story had touched me and that I was thinking of her.  I could only imagine what she was going through, from a mother’s perspective.

The card was one that we made at my Stamping club, and I think that I will make some more.  It was a card with an attached bookmark that you could tear out.  The bookmark had the word “kind” on it.  I didn’t write in the card (I inserted a note), so I am hoping that she takes the bookmark and then passes the card on.  I think this is a perfect card for my project, so I think I will make more of them.

I didn’t sign the card, as she wouldn’t know who I was – I am just hoping to make one of her days a little brighter.

This act of kindness came from:  http://1000in365.wordpress.com/category/personal-development/


6 comments on “Acts of Kindness: Share Your’s!

  1. Dorit
    January 10, 2010

    Hi. I’m not here to report on acts of kindness done, but rather put it out there in the world that today I am brainstorming hypothetical and intentional acts to BE done. The backstory is this: On recommendation from a friend, I borrowed a book from the library entitled “Leaving Microsoft to Change the World.” From the get-go (which was late last night), I was hooked. An already inspiring memoir about a successful American Microsoft marketing manager living abroad who changed the course of his life after a trip to Nepal where he discovered impoverished schools and more significantly, empty libraries. I’m at the part where he returned to Nepal, on his second trip, to make true his promise and donate thousands of children’s books to that same school he had initially visited.
    So, here I am, a Sunday afternoon, comfortably reading in my favourite coffee shop, feeling like there’s something in this for me. I’m an enthusiastic elementary school teacher, looking to travel this summer. Today’s thought is now not about randomly backpacking around Southeast Asia without purpose but perhaps integrating my desire to connect with people and children, and share a love of learning on this vague summer quest.
    The first person who came to mind during this impromptu brainstorming session was Mr. Rosensweig. He’s local, has ‘more-than’ experience in the field of helping people not only in Toronto but internationally. Maybe he can be of some guidance to me.
    Now that I’ve put my thoughts out into the wider web, perhaps some advice will come my way. Or better yet, my intentions are now one tiny step closer to being shaped into some form of reality. Thanks for listening.

    • Jonathan Usher
      January 12, 2010

      Suggestions: Our native Canadians desperately need help. New Orleans is still a mess. There are loads of volunteer opportunities to help here. It is admirable to want to help, but why not start with your own community?

  2. Double R
    February 25, 2011

    I live near downtown houston
    .and every year on Thanksgiving,
    my mother and I go down and volunteer at the George R Brown convention center [they give out meals to the homeless on that day]

    So these past winters have been really biting, right?
    And the end of november is NO different

    Im put in charge of the mashed potatoes, right? (dont you laugh too long, thats important)
    Well,this lady comes in, and shes nice and pleasent enough, but when she holds out her tray for the mashed potatoes, i can see that her thin fingers are so cold, theyve cracked and are slightly (if not recovering from) bleeding
    At the last minute I remember my gloves in my jacket pocket (the jacket which is tied around my waist) so ive gotta fumble around, acting like im not suspicous, while taking forever with this ladys mashed potatoes (she MUSTVE thought i was crazy)

    Finally, i find the gloves and slip them on the tray, under the bowl of mashed potatoes and hand the tray back to her

    She had no idea

    • avrum
      February 26, 2011

      beautiful. i’m posting this on my blog. thank you.
      well done

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