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Orphans & Eggplant: CJN Article January 22, 2010

It was a foggy night on Trafalgar Road coming back from my friend’s place. I needed to concentrate a lot to make sure the cargo in my back seat – … Continue reading

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The Jews of Haiti, Now and Then (Ha’aretz.com)


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Israel, Tikun Olam, Haiti


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I Received this e-mail today from Haiti. What a world!

PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD: Ms. Darvey is trapped under her house at 300 Avenue Mavramboise (sp?), in Carrefour Port-au-Prince. Please pass this on to anyone who may be able to … Continue reading

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Tikkun olam by a Whisker: Avrum’s CJN Article January 15, 2010

It’s 2 a.m., and Roz Gelade might be walking through your backyard. A little while ago, Roz, the president of Fostering Felines Cat Rescue, rescued a six-year-old brown tabby by … Continue reading

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Oy Haiti. Oy God…some thoughts!

Every crisis has its own character. What occurred in the Balkans felt angry and base. The tsunami seemed unforgiving, and Darfur is evil. The earthquake in Haiti feels hopeless. Ve’ahavta … Continue reading

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Haiti – Help an Orphanage, a Miracle Story

Haiti Earthquake Update A Glimmer of Hope Amidst a Sea of Devastation It is now well known that Haiti, the most impoverished country in the Western Hemisphere, suffered the devastating … Continue reading

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That Guy We love was Murdered, Here In Toronto. We should be Pissed!!

Ever since I read about the murder of Kenneth Mark, I couldn’t help thinking about it. He was called an anti-gang activist and stood up to the bad guys here in Toronto when called … Continue reading

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Haiti: Disaster of Historic Proportions (100,000 Dead?)

It seems that the world is responding to the earthquake in Haiti, as though it’s Pompeii. By this I mean the devastation in this poor Western country seems to be … Continue reading

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Ve’ahavta Launches Haiti Earthquake Relief Fund

On Tuesday, January 12th, a massive earthquake occurred in Haiti. According to UN estimates, thousands are likely dead. Untold numbers of people remain trapped under the rubble of crumbled and … Continue reading

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