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‘While I’m Here’ Challenges. Please Read and Act!

The following are actions that I consider throughout the course of the day which I believe, when incorporated into our lives, could make it better;  And equally as important, could enhance/repair our world.


‘While I’m Here Challenges’ . 

Iwill do my best to like them and publish them.

I call these ‘While I’m Here Challenges’ because one way of looking at our existence  is through the guise of time. We have about 70 – 100 years  on this planet. That is it. A blip. A nibble. Maximize it through personal challenges, activities and activism.

If you were to consider, so very strongly, that our lives are barely a black vertical notch on a history-ruler, you might figure  out how to sleep 4 hours a night, adopt a child, become a millionaire but first a wise and compassionate scholar.

1. Adopt a child.

I am now transcribing interviews I conducted with the homeless during ‘3 Days  on the Street’ (see archives on homepage). I am listening to Dave who was given up by his parents when he was ten. He became a ward of the courts and went from one foster home to another. Imagine if he and a family would have clicked, and he would have been adopted…how much better his life could have been. Today he has the strongest belief that  he does not deserve love. Damn. That sucks! (I talked to him a lot, and used all of my creative interaction tools, to convince him he was loveable. But that was, understandably, inaffective. Damn. Don’t you want so badly to make him get it, even a tad?)  

Adopt a child from here or a developing nation. What a beautiful thing to do. My guess is that not only will that  new child in your home, not disrupt your life, but will in fact enhance it. One of the finest lessons you can teach a child is love on a level that incorporates respect and true compassionate sharing. Adopting a child suggests, in fact, shouts all of those things. 

Adopt a Child.

(From Citizenship and Immigration Canada)

The Hague Convention governs international adoptions in many countries, including Canada. Your provincial government office will explain the requirements if your adopted child is coming from a country that follows the Hague Convention. Follow the Hague Convention link in the Related Links section at the bottom of this page to learn more. http://www.cic.gc.ca/english/immigrate/adoption/index.asp



One comment on “‘While I’m Here’ Challenges. Please Read and Act!

  1. Anonymous
    August 27, 2012

    “while we are here”; do one good thing a day, a week, a month, a year. For others, or the plant. For any one or any thing. Only one is better than non, and if only one more person will do one more good thing that is better than non. It might even start a chain reaction, line of good things happening. Somtime for no reason things take of . It is only have to be in the right time, the right place and with the right person. So you never know when it will happend. The more good things we do the more chance we have of creating this chain.

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