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CJN Article (December 22 2009) Homelessness Really Sucks!

This is an article I wrote for the Canadian Jewish News. Please read it and comment. It is so tragic knowing that our fellow citizens can die/be murdered in the streets of … Continue reading

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Give Charity: A flock of Chicks and Rabbits

(Check out this charity. The following is from Mia Farrow’s Blog: http://www.miafarrow.org) One of the very best gifts of all: A dear friend gave my family one of the best gifts … Continue reading

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The following document reflects the work of Mia Farrow (www.miafarrow.org) to archive the culture of many of the Darfur tribes. It is well worth reading as Mia Farrow has spend … Continue reading

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A Comment on CJN article: Celebrations are Bankrupting Us

I read with interest your column re: Gift giving excess. I ask myself when did all this start? My father used to say that in the shtetl when one was … Continue reading

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Jewish Simchot Are Bankrupting Us: CJN Article (December 9, 2009)

We’ve developed an unfair culture among our people when it comes to gift-giving for weddings and bar and bat mitzvahs. Over the years, many of our simchahs (celebrations) have moved … Continue reading

December 9, 2009 · 6 Comments

It’s the Journey not the Destination by Guest Author, Joan Ruzsa

I was raised a Godless heathen. OK, OK, I’m being dramatic for effect, but I think it would be accurate to say that I was brought up in a fairly … Continue reading

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Mia & me @ Starry Nights

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Me Mia and Bernie

On November 8th, Mia Farrow was the keynote speaker at Ve’ahavta’s Starry Night’s Gala. I had the opportunity to spend time with her and discovered she is the ‘real deal’. … Continue reading

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CJN Article – Understanding Why We Were Insular

(This is a Canadian Jewish News article I wrote at the beginning of December 2009. What are your thoughts on my theory that it makes plenty of sense to be … Continue reading

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