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Perfect Beauty: A Thorn

A beautiful woman, the one who stands out amongst a group of attractive sorts, told me her looks are a yolk, a burden.

She would prefer not appearing as she does because it is as if she has no place to hide. She feels as if her looks are a handicap.

While she recognizes others will think this is silly as beauty is this eras brand and the highest perceived status in society, she assures me it is true.

She tells me she is constantly approached in public and solicited for a coffee or a picture, or for more.

She shares with me others are hesitant to criticize her or rebuke her when she should be, fearing she might like them less.

Frequently she will dress down, an attempt at a disheveled appearance, yet she is told this style enhances her winsomeness in an earthy sort of way.

She is not certain about some of her friends, whether they want to be with her because it upgrades their status or because they truly like her.

She says good looking woman very often want to be with her. They feel it makes them more appealing.

She says sometimes people refuse to stand next to her in a picture as they think nobody will look at them. Others clammer to position themselves adjacent to her.

Although she is well read, an intellectual by many standards, people will smile as she articulates an idea hearing little to nothing of her point and commenting afterward about her almond eyes or flowing dark hair.

She says she sees the contour of her face in the mirror and recognizes it is well structured but to her it is ugly.

“My shyness is frequently mistaken for arrogance,” she says. “I’m given little opportunity to remain quiet in a crowd. ”

She has thought of plastic surgery, a sort of rearranging of her facial symmetry to something less perfect, but fears there may be know end to her desire to change.

She is insecure about her looks and asks people to look past them. She concludes by saying, “real pulchritude comes through character and soul and the bump on your nose or the closeness of your eyes. That is something to see. “.

“And no” she says, “I am not like the wealthy man who romanticizes poverty or something other than physical perfection. I truly believe I would be happy being less beautiful. ”

I have considered shortening my life as a way of finding peace. I thank God for my gifts but wish they were less pronounced.

“It is amazing how complete is the delusion that beauty is goodness.”
– Leo Tolstoy, The Kreutzer Sonata


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