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About – Welcome Guest Authors

AVRUM’S BLOG is a collection of my thoughts with a heavy emphasis on:

1) Humanitarian issues and thoughts

2) Slices of Life

3) Judaism, Israel, The Jewish People, Torah and thought

AVRUM’S BLOG was launched to give me the opportunity to state my views, freely and without conditions, and to hear from you. We are very stimulated and inspired by other people’s thoughts and ideas having to do with the world in which we live, and ask therefore that you consider:


I am delighted that we have been able to attract some most impressive GUEST AUTHORS and read their pieces, that are most compelling. Take a look at a series written by Joan Ruzsa on the penal system and justice for all. She writes a highly compelling article on capital punishment. View articles written as well by, Lorri Goldstein (Toronto Sun), and Terri  Hyatt, on the death of her cat.

Writing a blog post for AVRUM’S BLOG that  has to do with your life, and fits into our motif, or at least vaguely resembles our theme. Write about your feelings, thoughts, ideas, challenges and/or things you have witnessed in life.

Here are some topics you can  respond to:

a) I am challenged by our existence. Life can be beautiful. Life can be ugly. Here me out….

b) I met a women walking with a cart yesterday. We sat and talked. Most of us would call her a ‘bag lady’ but once we had finished schmoozing I realized she was far more than that. And I am….

c) Freedom, peace and co-existence are three things that sometimes seem to be illusive in our world. I believe, however, we can create a world of peace by doing the following…

Again, most guest authors are welcome. I say most because AVRUM’S BLOG will not publish anything that is anti-Semitic, racist, vile or inappropriate for most readers. We do our best to stay away from gossip or accusations. The purpose of AVRUM’S BLOG is to bring the world together, as best as we can, and therefore I ask that you write with this basic rule in mind.

Challenge: Please write a blog post between 250 – 1000 words (I am open as well to a series of articles) having to do with one of the stated topics, or one you think will fit AVRUM’S BLOG. Thanks so much for dropping by. I am grateful that you took the time to read my blog, knowing how much is out there.

Peace (Shalom)

Avrum Rosensweig – Host, AVRUM’S BLOG




4 comments on “About – Welcome Guest Authors

  1. Menachem Chazan
    June 3, 2010

    I’ve enjoyed reading your passionate articles in the TCJN. You’re not only a compassionate person but, also a proud Jew and a fine Artist. Apparently you are enjoying a good and productive life. May your good deeds be rewarded and have all go well with your world. May you also live to see the cessation of hatred for the Jews and the magnificent State of Israel.
    In this week’s TCJN you ask for ways tyo combat the degenerate forces arrayed aghainst us. Hereunder general comments and also a sample of articles I have been writing that are being rejected not only by the Goyeshe Pundits and Media but, also by the Jewish Pundits and Media.
    It’s apparent that the purveyors of the Culture of Death have instilled such fear in the aforementioned who do not wish to see their lives or property destroyed.
    For Consideration:
    1. “The easy way”
    If the Iranians, the vanguard of degeneracy and military power, are defanged the Middle East problems will see speedy resolution.
    2. “The Collabrative effort way”
    Change the perspective on the problems of the Middle East.
    This not a War of Religions; this is a War of Despots versus Democracy.
    3. ” The Prpoganda Offensive”.
    Mobilize the funds to hire the best PR personnel to simply blast the world with the truth about what the Despots (Saudia Arabia, Iran, Syria) who not only disfranchis, exploit and intimidate their own people but, also, finance the teaching of hatred in the Madras and the Mosques, the arming and training of Terrorists and the promotion of introduction of Sharia law through out the World.
    4. “Mobilizing Political and Religious Leaders”
    Political, Religious and United Nations Leaders must be urged to legislate against, proclaim & decry, from their podiums, every instance of denigration of Faiths or Peoples. The destructive Silence by these institutions compounds their felony in encouraging the same degeneracy that lead to the decimation of Millions of lives throughout History.
    Avrum, I am willing to cooperate with you in fostering a movement to save a Declining Civilization.
    What Say?
    Shalom al Yisrael.
    This is typical of my efforts with the Media – to no avail.
    The Despots of the Middle East have dictated the terms for the establishment of a Palestinian State – the elimination of Israel. The poor Palestinians never understood that the Despots’ agenda had precedence over their dream of Independence.
    They are willing to spend their last dollar and sacrifice the Last “Freedom Fighter” to achieve their objective – the perpetuation of their regimes through the elimination of Democracy from the Middle East.
    They who started by financing the preaching of hatred in the Madras and Mosque and the training and arming of “Freedom Fighters”, to eliminate Democratic Israel from the Middle East, are now urging the indoctrinated Muslim Masses to eradicate Democracy and install Sharia throughout the world.
    Only if these degenerate Autocrats are made an offer they cannot refuse will “Terrorism” end.
    Pity the years, monies, lives, spent in vain trying to count insignificant “bodies”.

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