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H1N1 – Is this a Crap Shoot or What?

I have read at least three dozen articles, journal reviews etc. etc. etc. on H1N1. I have spoken to the most well respected doctors in the country, particularly those involved with … Continue reading

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TonyBlair Faith Foundation: My Blog Post

In 2008, I was asked, as the President of Ve’ahavta (www.veahavta.org)  to join a multi-faith committee hosted by The TonyBlair Faith Foundation. I was honored to be part of Tony’s ‘movement’ … Continue reading

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Cadillacs in my Garage

1. Yesterday I saw a ladybug walking on the ledge of my balcony, which is about 70 feet up. It didn’t seem to phase her  in the least. Don’t they … Continue reading

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Lying Governmental Truths or ‘Finding Newspapers in the Fiction Section’

I don’t generally write about politics, political statements  or social issues and how they are defined by governments because I believe the real stuff, the things we’ll never know, happen behind the scenes. … Continue reading

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Congregation Habonim/Ve’ahavta: Remembering the Kids in Residential Schools

On October 30th at 8:15 p.m. Ve’ahavta and Congregation Habonim will honor Chief Rodney Monague of Christian Island for his courage to speak open and candidly about Residential Schools in Ontario. It is … Continue reading

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A Standing Ovation for Courageous Parents

I have written about this before but am quite amazed at the courage of Filipino women who have come here to work and left their children back home. They do … Continue reading

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Jewish and Non-Jewish Relations

There is vast amount of work to be done in the area of Jewish non-Jewish relations. Over the last couple of years I have written and talked about the idea of initiating … Continue reading

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A Great Article (from last year) on a Beautiful man, Marty Galin

http://www.canada.com/nationalpost/news/story.html?id=10c91b0c-3afd-4cf8-94e3-a164bb1d68fb Marty Galin’s Big Salad Day   Twenty-eight storeys above Church Street, in the bachelor apartment where he’s lived alone for 29 years, Marty Galin keeps a scale. Sometimes he’ll … Continue reading

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Newspapers: Some Reasonable Questions from Avrum

1. Do you think that newspapers are accusatory; that their general motif, way, is that of ‘got’chya’? Read your favourite newspaper(s) today and apply this thought while you’re doing so. … Continue reading

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Needed Jewish Foster Parents

There are close to 200,000 Jews in the Toronto, yet it’s possible that Jewish children who need foster families will be placed in non-Jewish homes. This cannot happen! Consider the … Continue reading

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