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Israel: Still Flowing with Milk and Honey (CJN, July 2010)

 By Avrum Rosensweig I just flew 6000 miles to Israel in a metal cylinder. I peered out the window and one moment I saw the snow dotted ranges of Labrador … Continue reading

July 29, 2010 · 1 Comment

every day is extraordinary

Today  I met a man who has been subjected to bullying and stereotyping all his life,  and in the end came out on top. I realized that those who attend … Continue reading

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Tish B’av

Tonight is the fast of Tish B’av. It is the day designated by God for punishment and during this 24 hour period we memorialize the destruction of both Temples as well … Continue reading

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Israel: Land of Milk and Honey (My CJN Article July 14, 2010)

I just flew 6,000 miles to Israel in a metal cylinder. I peered out the window and one moment I saw the snow-dotted ranges of Labrador and the next, the … Continue reading

July 19, 2010 · 1 Comment

Watching Mel Gibson Meltdown is liking Watching Ourselves

Watching a meltdown of a human being is daunting. It is because when we do, as we are with Mel Gibson, we are privy to the destructive forces within a … Continue reading

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My Trip to Israel Included:

1.    A lovely Shabbat at my sister and her family’s house in Jerusalem. 2. An incredible walk up to my niece’s apartment, along a roadway that overlooks the Mt. of Olives … Continue reading

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Lebron Did Just Fine

Lebron James did what he wanted to do, in the way he felt it should be done. Big deal. His departure gave us a chance to hear him, see him and get … Continue reading

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The G20 — A Waste of Money and Threat to our Freedoms

Canada is no longer what we thought it was. In fact, what was it? The G20 was ridiculous, and a more arrogant display of ‘leadership’ than Lebraun’s recent announcement to … Continue reading

July 11, 2010 · 1 Comment

Israel: Those Rays Shining through the Clowds. Remember them? You thought they were God.

Israel is a glorious country. It just is. I just returned from there after a seven day business trip. Most of my time was spent in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. … Continue reading

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