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Story Chain — Romancing The Old


This is a story chain…a story that I start, and you continue. 

I ask that you contribute to the next couple of paragraphs. Please:

a) Write whatever comes to mind,

b) Trying to make the story cogent, creative, readable and not too raunchy.

Those are the rules, otherwise have a good time. Some people may write at the same time. I will  try to include all paragraphs, but from-time-to-time, that may be impossible. Don’t worry. Just write and let’s put together a great story. 

AVRUM’S BLOG will sponsor 5 stories in the STORY CHAIN series and once completed, they will be judged by judges to be determined. The winning story will be posted on my ‘About’ page for all to see with accolades for the winners. Here we go. I’ll start…


She had a great love of old people.  This may have stemmed from her relationship with her grandfather who was a wise old man, with an adventurous spirit. He was a swashbuckler who traveled the world for five decades making his way through the Mohave Dessert and the far away provinces of China.

She wanted to make some old people happy. Margolis thought about ways of doing this. She discounted volunteer work at the local senior’s home because that was a cliché in her world…been there done that. She dismissed the idea of shopping for the older woman living next to her – Joyce, not because she didn’t want to help her but because she had been banned from No Frills for feeding a 90 year old man, in the vegetable department, who hadn’t eaten well since his wife of 60 years (together) had died.

So Margolis thought and she thought and finally hit upon it.

She would meet and fall in love with an octogenarian – someone of 80 years old or older; and then perhaps an other, and then maybe another. She would make them happy through love….

(It is now your turn to add to this story. you can do so through ‘comments’. Please write 2-3 paragraphs. Make interesting.  Have fun.)


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