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We Have No Choice

1. But to transform hatred into goodness. Agree or Disagree?
2. But to show great restraint when hatred comes our way. Agreed or Disagreed?
3. But to befriend our enemies. Agreed or Disagreed?
4. But to love life despite the tragedy and suffering. Agreed or Disagreed?
5. But for Muslims to make friends with Jews. Agreed or Disagreed?
6. But for Jews to make friends with Muslims?
7. But for terrorists to put down their arms?
8. But to be aware how we are screwing up our planet. Agree or disagree?
9. But to do the stuff we always wanted to do. Agree or Disagree?
10. But to sleep at least six hours a night. Agree or Disagree?

5 comments on “We Have No Choice

  1. sioneve
    July 15, 2009

    1. Agreed – hatred eats away at you like acid and wastes your life. Goodness and love free you and let life flow through you like a river.
    2. Agreed. I struggle with restraint at times so I walk away and try to start fresh tomorrow.
    3. Agreed and disagreed. I believe in holding out the first hand of friendship, but I also believe in walking away if my hand gets bitten!
    4. Agreed. Where there is life, there is hope. Let life flow.
    5. Agreed. Hatred based on religion or personal beliefs is incredibly sad and wasteful. Love each person because they exist. When I think that each person is someone’s child, it fills me with warmth toward them – I hope that is how people treat my children.
    6. Agreed. As for 5.
    7. Agreed. Absolutely. What do you think about the statement that one person’s terrorist is another person’sfreedom fighter? (And please don’t think that I am condoning terrorism in any way!)
    8. Agreed. And then do someting practical.
    9. Agreed. Life is precious and many of us create our own intellectual / emotional prisons that restrain us from living the lives we desire.
    10. Agreed – but on average. Some nights 2 hours are enough. Some nights demand at least 10 hours!!
    Bye! 🙂

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