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UNETANEH TOKEF IN HEELS – Avrum’s Canadian Jewish News article, September 17, 2015 (Page 10)

She walked into shul trying to not appear haughty. It was Rosh Hashanah, and she had dressed well for the occasion, for the people. She would impress. Over and over, … Continue reading

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It Matters Whose in Power 

by Avrum Rosensweig Now that the elections are upon us issues within our community having to do with political leadership will  begin to heat up.  People just seem to care … Continue reading

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Holocaust Education: We’ve Lost our Way (Avrum Rosensweig, CJN, July 21, 2015)

I’m nervous for our people. This is because so many Jews have begun to stagnate as activists and protectors of ourselves and others. We are quiet about the world’s suffering, … Continue reading

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Perfect Beauty: A Thorn

A beautiful woman, the one who stands out amongst a group of attractive sorts, told me her looks are a yolk, a burden. She would prefer not appearing as she … Continue reading

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Happy Fathers Day to Everyone Else!

Happy Father’s Day to the man behind bars who only sees his children in a public area, inside the prison. Happy Father’s Day to the man who left his family … Continue reading

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An Open Letter to the Leafs


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Elle and Eve: A Consignment Store Helping the Planet

In March, 2015 Kirill Zaretsky opened up his dream – a consignment store with an edge and charitable component. The store is called Elle and Eve and its magnificent. First … Continue reading

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A 6 Year old in Hiding in a Church, In Canada

By Avrum Rosensweig The day was the way we wanted it to be, sunny and warm with a sweet wind cascading through the trees. I walked into the church and … Continue reading

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I talked to the woman who cleans my house. She has left her six year old child for four years or so, to raise money to bring her over to … Continue reading

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When Denominations Mix – My Canadian Jewish News article, June 4, 2013

We once believed that partners in a relationship had to share the same religious values throughout their lives in order to survive. Today, that paradigm is being challenged. The following … Continue reading

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