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Ve’ahavta Crisis Response for Israel Fire



Thousands of northern Israel residents are still being evacuated from their homes as a massive fire that claimed the lives of at least 40 people continued to rage Thursday evening and Friday. Rescue forces have yet to contain the fire, which in addition to the northern town of Tirat Carmel also threatens the communities of Nir Etzion, Ein Hod, Ein Hid and Beit Oren.

Meanwhile, the IDF is gearing up to evacuate its transport base in Tirat Carmel. The Prison Service and IDF evacuated two more area jails that currently hold hundreds of prisoners. A northern psychiatric hospital had also been evacuated. Over 5,000 acres have been destroyed. (source: ynetnews.com, haaretz.com) Ve’ahavta has created a fund to support those who have been left homeless as a result of this disaster and the Israeli emergency responders who may need volunteer support and donations to help them in their efforts.

Our local partner, the Israel Trauma Coalition, has established a support center at the nearest working ITC organization Amcha branch in Haifa. Amcha is operating to collect all assistance requests on one hand, and offers for support and assistance on the other hand. So far, a team of clinicians and therapists by Amcha was sent to support Prison Service staff as they are coping with the tragic death of their friends and colleagues. ITC has received a request for future support and professional aid for hundreds of families evacuated from their homes, and the staff currently working with them.

ITC is now recruiting its available professionals for the treatment and support of individuals, families and different teams, which would need its services. Ve’ahavta is also working with Canadian Friends of Rambam Hospital to support the following items: 1. Burn Unit 2. Intensive Care Unit 3. Trauma Team 4. Emergency Room 5. Mass Casualty Team. Israel, Ve’ahavta, and the Jewish world are grateful for the support Israel has received from the international community, including Turkey, Cyprus, Egypt, Jordan, France, the United States, England, Croatia, Russia, Spain, Azerbaijan, and Romania.

For more information call 416.964.7698 or email sarah.zelcer@veahavta.org

Website: http://www.veahavta.org/index.php/news/forest-fire-raging-near-haifa-israel/


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