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Oded Greenberg: What is it like to be an Israeli?

I interviewed Oded Greenberg, 31, last night about what it is like to be him and to be an Israeli.

We spoke for 2 hours (www.ubroadcast.com  search Other Peoples Lives), 2 fascinating hours about his life growing up in Haifa Israel to Romanian parents.

He told me about the beautiful co-existence between the Jewish and Arab population and how his education, both formal and informal, never included the idea of hating anyone particularly Arabs.

Oded, who now lives in Toronto, weaved a compelling story for my show, about the way in which is Father timed the families dash to the bomb shelter during the Gulf War, while scuds poured down on his city.

He remembers coming back one day from the shelter – it took 22 seconds for the family to get there – and trembling on the couch. And he remembers his father coming over to him and massaging his back while he did. While Oded and I talked, he considered the strength and bravery his parents must have exhibited while taking care of their three children during such horrific times.

Oded also told me a touching story about his mother who jumped in the car during the first war on Lebanon, to look for her husband, whom she had not heard from. She found him, hugged and kissed him, and turned around and went home. The lives of Israelis wives….oy!

Oded is a fine human being who seeks truth. He is a student of psychology and has a great appreciation for Israel and Canada. His goals are to introduce businesspeople to the opportunities that exist in both countries, perhaps in partnership.

Listen to this broadcast when you have a chance. You can tune into pieces here and there. Some of my listeners told me they listen late at night before going to bed. On “Other People’s Lives” you  will be privy to the  essence of felling human beings who experience so much of what you do – love, scraped  knees, family challenges etc. etc. etc.

The show is all about that – discovering ourselves through others, toward strengthening our world. Give a listen at www.ubroadcast.com . Search for OTHER PEOPLE’S LIVES.

 Oded Greenberg – Part 1, Part 2


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